Thursday, January 14, 2010

My big 6 year old!

This kid turned 6 on the 26th of December! It's so hard to believe that Luke is 6 now but he is really starting to grow up. He is loving kindergarten, making new friends and he is starting to read now! Here he is blowing out the candles on his ice cream cake that Mamaw always get him. I asked him this year if he would like something different and he said "no, I like the ice cream cake mom". I have to say that I'm really glad because I like the ice cream cake too.I mentioned yesterday that I have been digital you will get a chance to see some of what I've done. I did a couple of pages of Luke's yearly bowling party. He had a blast, like always and I had a blast scrapbooking it.
Well 2 days in a row.....I bet you didn't believe me did you? Now I must get to work on my very messy house....maybe Becky needs to do another W.O.W. so I can get some things accomplished! Have a great day my wonderful friends and I will see you all tomorrow!


Katy said...

Very cute and glad you are back! Now, what's the scoop on this digital scrapbooking thing? I have heard of it but have never looked into it much. That page is so cute! Do you just get it printed out? Very curious! :)

Em said...

I like ice cream cake too!! Well, really I like any cake lol. Happy Birthday Luke! Looks like you all had a great time!

Sally Jo said...

I look at messy houses as just an opportunity for exercize. Look at it like a FREE health club right in your own house! So the longer you let it go, the more exercize you will get when you clean it. (Grandma's wisdom :)
Thanks for the memories of Luke's birthday. I sure love that kid! Your scrapbook page makes a great desktop background too. Love, Grandma