Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ta Da!!!

Here it is. My new house!!! It's kind-of a long video and I realized watching it back that I moved a little fast sometimes, but you get the idea anyway. You are all welcome to come visit and see it in person sometime too....we have lots of room now.

Sit back and enjoy the show....(I know, kinda corny)

A Quick Good Morning

So I know this is not what I said I would post next but I'm having a hard time getting my house to the point of showing everyone. I plan on cleaning it today and doing a video after.

This video is for Aunt Becky and Katy who have just commented that they have had enough waiting. Sorry everyone. I will try to jump back on the blogger wagon this week.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm way behind!!

I know that some of you are probably wondering... "Where are the house pictures?", "Where are the pictures of Sarah's birthday?", "Where is Angie?". All that I have to say is.......I'm sorry. I know that I've been a bad blogger lately. I have good excuses (I think) for all the questions you may be having.

I have several posts to catch you all up on but I'm not quite ready yet. I just wanted you all to know that I'm still here. I'm just trying to get all settled into the new house and get Jacob finish with school (there will be pictures of that too). So please don't give up on me, I will update you all soon.

If you want to read some funny stories of Ben click here and here . My sister-in-law has been writing some great stories of their childhood. I'm sure you will laugh.

I will be back soon!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

W.O.W. Update

So I'm not quite ready for the video tour yet but I will tell you how I did this week. I actually feel good about how much has gotten done.

All of the bedrooms are totally unpacked. I've got a couple of things to hang up but other then that they are done. The office has one box left. I was going to tackle it but the computer stuff is kind-of Ben's area (he's been doing other projects) and I didn't want to "mess" it up. Like I said last week, the kitchen is done and the family room and living room are close. I actually thought I was done with the family room until last night when Ben was working in the garage and found another box. Will it ever be done?

I promise that I will do a walk through with my camera soon. It's just not quite ready yet.

Have a good day everyone!!