Friday, May 30, 2008

Another W.O.W.

Well Becky is doing it again. She is hosting another Within One Week carnival.

She says that it doesn't have to be a cleaning or household goal but what better goal for me then to unpack my house!! Last time was packing and now that I'm in my new house I am finding it just as challenging to unpack the boxes as it was to pack the boxes.

I've already got my kitchen unpacked...priorities right? So my goal will be to get all 3 of our bedrooms and the office totally unpacked and "set up". I think that it should be pretty easy for me to get done but I'm constantly getting interrupted by one of my 4 kids.

Hopefully next week I will be all set up and be able to give you a video tour of our new house.

Don't forget to stop by and see Becky , cheer her on and maybe join in on the fun.

Talk to you all next week!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

We've moved!!!

Hey everybody! I just wanted to let you know that we are in our new house now. We slept here on Tuesday night and I'm am wading through boxes and boxes of stuff. Sorry I haven't been a better blogger but I knew that if I even looked at my computer I would get sucked in for hours :)

As soon as I get things in their places I will take some pictures and let you see my new home. I don't figure you want to see pictures of my boxes :)

I also want to tell you about the winery opening too. It was a blast and although I didn't take pictures myself I think I can get some to post. to unpack some more....I'll update soon.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

W.O.W. Update

Well I figured that I should probably update you all on the my packing real quick. I say "real quick" because I'm still elbows deep in the packing. We got lots done over the weekend and I've been working hard this week to finish up. We aren't actually moving until Tuesday but we are leaving for the weekend for the Grand Opening of the winery.

I decided not to actually count the boxes (sorry) but I will tell you about the rooms I have gotten finished. Keep in mind that we are still living here so the "except for(s)" are because of that. The kitchen is done (except for a few things to "get by" on), all of the 4 bedrooms (except for a few cloths) are done, the Master Bath is done, the living room is done and the family room (except for the TV, computer and Wii) is done. So out of 10 rooms, 8 of them are "mostly" done. I feel pretty good about what we have gotten done. I am pretty sure that we will be ready to move by Saturday morning when we head to Omak and let me tell you I will be drinking some of the RockWall wine while I'm there!! I'm very glad that's the reason for the trip. :)

So that's my update. I plan on taking pictures of our new house when we get settled. Thanks for all of the support and suggestions from you all. It sure helped keep me motivated!!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another Blog Carnival....Am I crazy??

My sister-in-law Becky is doing another blog carnival this week. I have to say that I need this one in a bad way. We just have to pick a project to work on this next week that we've been putting off. I have many, many places that I could use this but the obvious one this time is......packing.

Yes, we are moving (for those of you who didn't know)!! The less the two weeks! The second kicker....with 4 kids, 6 and under!!

So, my project will be to pack as many boxes as I can or maybe how many rooms I can pack up in a week. I just found out the Ben has to go out of town on a work trip on Sunday so we really, really need to get as much done as we can before he goes out of town.

Please help me bloggy friends!! Maybe you have moving advice for me, the one with three active boys and a little girl who is enjoying the fact that she can walk and pull stuff out of drawers and cupboards, or maybe you can just cheer me on as I tackle this huge mountain that I feel I'm climbing.

Well, with that all said....Off to pack I go!!!!! Then when I win the Starbucks card that she's giving away I will have a coffee (on her) after I move to celebrate. Thanks in advance Becky....I love you!!

Don't forget to stop by and see Becky and join in on the fun or just to cheer us all on. Oh and check back in a week to see how I did!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

I really had every intention of posting this yesterday but I just didn't get it done. We were out and about most of the day and when I was home, I didn't do much of anything.
There are days when I really can't believe that I have 4 kids!! It's so amazing to me. The thing that probably is the craziest for me is that I have a 6 year old. I keep telling myself that I'm not old enough for that but I'm obviously wrong!! I do have a 6 year old. Here is a picture of Jacob when he was maybe a week old. I'm not 100% sure but he was still so tiny. Look at that precious little face. My first born....born April 22, 2002.
Lukey, 4 year old. Nobody really thought we have more the one boy in our family. History told us that. With something like 7 generations only having one male son we really didn't think it would happen. I remember calling Papa (Ben's grandpa Abshire) to tell him that we were having another baby. I told him it was going to be a boy, but he just didn't believe me. He passed away before I could prove him wrong. My second born...December 26, 2003.Zac-Man! We really broke the "mold" with him. Not only did we have more the one son...we had three!!! Another shocker when we found out that he was a boy, although I have to say, I did think that he was a boy and not a girl. As much as I wanted a daughter I couldn't imagine my life with this boy. He is a stubborn one, that's for sure, but he has a hold of my heart. My third born...August 2, 2005.My little Princess. I don't know if I really believed that she could be a girl until she was born. I actually said to the doctor (or Ben) when she came out "is she a really a girl?" As you know from all the pictures that I put on this thing of her I really am having fun!! It's going way to fast though, she seems way too old already and she's not even a year old yet!! I'm afraid that I will probably feel that way for the rest of her life. She is my last (at least that's our plan) and I'm trying hard not to let her grow up too fast. My fourth born...June 8, 2007.
So here we are, me and my kids!! I love them all so much. I never knew I could love something or someone so much. I thank God everyday for the four little people that He put into my life. I do not deserve all these blessing but I thank Him for them all!! Now I just have to pray everyday that I raise them to love Christ and serve Him.
So now that I've talked so much about my babies...:) I need to go wipe my tears and take of them!!
Happy Mother's Day to all of you!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

My fearless child

On Tuesday morning Luke and Zac were outside playing. They had been out for awhile. I had checked on them a few times and was about to go out again and see what they were up to when Luke comes RUNNING in the door yelling "Mom, Mom, you've gotta come see this!!" My first thought was "oh my goodness, what is Zac doing this time" ('cause that kid gets into a whole lot of trouble). To my surprise (good surprise) he was out there riding a "big boy" bike. So I got my camera and took some video because I thought you might like to see. I do need to add you see he's wearing his helmet!! I was very surprised with that too. I am constantly going out there and reminding him to put his helmet on. I am sorry about the wind in the video. It is very windy at my house a lot of the time.

Don't you think he looks so small riding that bike? He seems way older to me most day, I think because he tries so hard to keep up with his older brothers, but then he goes an does something that I don't think he's old enough to do yet. I'm afraid that I'm going to blink and they are all going to be driving their own cars!! It's just going way to fast (and I guess that I should add not fast enough some days!!).

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Is This It?

OK, I think that I've got it! I want some input though. Do you like it? Are the colors good? I customized all the font colors, link colors, background colors. Should I change any of them? I'm not so creative when it comes to matching things so if you see something that looks "off" and should be changed let me know.

I am going to get off my behind for awhile and do some house chores now :) This whole blog thing can sure be addicting when you start playing around with it all.

Don't forget to go here if you want to see more fun backgrounds. This is my warning will take HOURS of your time!!

A New Look

I am playing around with the look of my blog today. I'm not sure how it will end up when I'm done but I thought it was time for a change. I got this super cute background from here . I don't know if I will stay with this background or go with something different, there are tons to choose from. I just wanted to let you all know what I'm up to today :)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday laughs

I stumbled across this video yesterday and it made me laugh. I'm not real sure when it was taken, maybe a couple months ago. We were having a movie night and we watched...

It was a very funny movie and my kids loved it. We weren't real sure how good it was going to be but we reviewed it and decided to try it out. If you are wondering where we review our movies click here .

Anyway, back to the the end of the movie, while the credits were rolling, the music was great and my kids (especially Jacob) couldn't help but get up and dance. Ben was telling me that when he was a kid, him and Becky (and probably mom too) did that at the end of their movies. It was pretty funny to watch and it made me laugh so I thought it might make you all laugh a little too.

So, enjoy the show!!

(pay close attention to the end, this boy's got some moves!!)