Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trauma at our house....

So I failed to fill you in on our trauma experience about 3 weeks ago. I know, I know....bad blogger. How could I fail you :)

In the 6 years that we've had kids we had our first stitches. Yes, our poor Luke was the victim. I should have made the bet that he would be the one, he's always the one. It all happened because Zac was being the Incredible Hulk. I wasn't aware of this but I guess the Incredible Hulk throws things?? Who knew?? Zac, in his attempt to be the bestest, strongest, most incredible Incredible Hulk threw something from the top of the stairs to the bottom and then, you guessed it, Luke's head was the landing. He was a trooper our Luke. We found the closet Urgent Care (right across from Ben's work) and told them there that they would probably get to know the Abshires well in the next 10 years or so. He ended up needing 2 stitches and was a very brave kid. I was proud of him and the way he had to sit still with the paper thing on the back of his head. The stitches are out now and that trauma is all over....

and then last night happened......I thought we would be making another trip to the Urgent Care or actually is was late enough that it would have been the ER. We didn't end up having to go, it looked worse then it really was. As is a family tradition, the boys were wrestling with their daddy and it can to a crashing halt with Jacob biting his lip. It looked really bad but once the bleeding stopped it wasn't so bad. As you can tell, he's got quit a fat lip though. Good thing school doesn't start for a week, it should be back to normal by then.

At least he's still smiling.....

I'm starting to wonder if I should have gone to nursing school before having kids. At least they will have an aunt that's a nurse before long and there are a couple of doctors in the family. That always helps.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby Ben pictures

Hi All! I just wanted to let you know that Becky's friend Daiquiri posted some great pictures of Ben on her blog. She takes great pictures and I have to say these of Ben are amazing. He is so cute. I'm in love with him already and I've only seen pictures. If you want to see them click here . You won't be sorry that you did.

I know that I haven't put many pictures of us up lately but there's just not a whole lot going on around here. I am sorry that summer is almost over. I love the warm weather. We have had a pretty cold week and I'm afraid that it's just the beginning. On an exciting note though....Jacob starts 1st grade on the 4th of September!! I can't hardly believe it. He is very excited and we are going school shopping on Saturday. If you hear of any great sales I would love to know about them. I'm looking for deals

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

First Silverwood trip

A couple of weeks ago we went to Silverwood with some good friends and their family. It was a blast! Our kids had never been before and Jacob and Luke are still talking about it. We had 9 kids ranging from 14 months to 10 years old and 4 adults. You could say that it was a little crazy but it was nice to split up some and take the little kids on some rides that they could enjoy.

We were so proud and a little surprised by our oldest boys. Jacob was tall enough to go on all the rides and he did all but one. The one that he chose not to go on was HUGE!! Aftershock was the one that he didn't want to try and I don't blame him. I was a little scared myself. It was really fun though. The first roller coaster that he went on was the Corkscrew. It was my first roller coaster too (when I was a kid). It used to be at Knott's Berry Farm in Southern California. He thought that was pretty cool. Luke couldn't go on all of the rides but he could go on most of them. It was so funny, one of the rides has a camera that takes a picture as you are going through one of the tunnels and you would have thought Luke was crying. He looks scared to death in the picture but he loved it. Zac couldn't go on any of the roller coasters and it made him cry. I think he would have gone on all of them if he could have. He's one brave little sucker.

I took a few pictures. We were pretty busy trying to get as many rides in as we could but I got some.

Here's their first ride. They thought it was great...until the "big" rides.

Here's Zac and Chance thinking that they are pretty cool riding by themselves.
Zac decided to take a nap. I'm not real sure how he did but he did.

Here's Marly, Jacob and Chance waiting for their turn. They were all so patient between rides. Luke being goofy!!

There is also a water park at Silverwood. We didn't spend a lot of time there because the weather wasn't all that great. It was just a little chilly. Here are some of the boys playing in the wave pool.

We can't wait to go back again. If any of you want to come and go there we would love to go with you. Like I said, the older boys want to go back as soon as they can.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Baby Benjamin is here!!

I just wanted to let you all know (if you haven't already heard) that Becky had her baby yesterday. Everything is great and he is a beautiful baby boy!! If you want to see some really great pictures go here . I can't wait to meet him.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Zachary is 3!!

Zac turned 3 on Saturday. He was so funny....he loved the attention!! It's hard for me to believe how fast all the kids are growing up. We let him open his presents first thing in the morning then we all went to the water slides. Grandpa and Grandma were here to celebrate with us. I didn't take many water slide pictures but we sure had a great time. Zac even went on the "big slides" all by himself. He's quite the daredevil!!

Enjoy the pictures....

I'll end with a very scary video of Darth Vader visiting our house :)