Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Uh-Oh, it's already beginning.....

Sarah is already riding around in "cars" with the neighbor boys. The little boy that lives next door is 20 days younger then Sarah and he got this super cool Jeep for Christmas and is kind enough to drive Sarah around. She must feel a bit nervous - notice the helmet?
Sorry it's been a little while since I've posted a new blog. We've been pretty busy with traveling, skiing, fighting sickness (and losing), little league meetings for Ben, wrestling practice, and on and on and on. I am about to try a few new recipes too, I'll let you know how they are when I try them. I also have some wrestling pictures to post as well. For now, this is all I've got for you but it's something right? :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jacob's face vs. Baseball bat

This was day one....it swelled up the day after this was taken and turned black and blue. Now it is yellowing and healing but it looked pretty ugly for awhile. He survived....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dinner tonight....

I've been sitting at my computer for a while now trying to figure out what to blog about. It's been a week since my last post and I really don't want to "fall off the wagon" again so I decided I would just share what I made for dinner tonight. My mom has been telling me about the daily email that she gets from http://www.myrecipes.com/ called Dinner Tonight. I finally decided to sign up for it. I've only gotten two emails but I tried one tonight and it was so good! It was a black bean burrito bake and I made it with Lime Cilantro Rice. It was a little spicy for the kids (not Luke but the others) so next time I won't add the whole chili but or maybe I will make half with no chilies. Here is the link to the recipe.

Sorry if this is a boring post but I wanted you all to know that I am still here and thinking about my faithful readers and I felt like this was a good thing to share.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jacob's music program...

I realized today that I have done a blog post on all of the kids in the last couple of weeks except for Jacob. So I decided to fix that. As I was looking back at some pictures from last year I found these from December when Jacob has his 3rd grade music program. All of the 3rd grade kids performed for family and friends. Some even got to play instruments....including Jacob!! I think he was most excited to wear his tie :)

Here he is getting ready to play the bar instrument. He did a fantastic job!!
At the end of the night he wanted to take a picture with his teacher. He is having a great year so far and this program was right up his ally....he loves to perform!