Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh, the weather outside is frightful....

First I have to start out by saying "I'm sorry that I've been neglecting you!" I really have quite a few things to blog about, pictures to show, stories to tell but today I have to tell you about the day we had yesterday.

It all started on Wednesday mid-morning. I went to Costco and it was just starting to snow, when I came out of Costco it was actually starting to pile up a little so I came home. All the news channels were saying around 5 inches. Well, in just a little over 24 hours we had 2 feet and more in some places!! We broke records is Spokane. It was crazy....all the schools closed (Jacob got out for Christmas break 2 days early!), lots of businesses closed and they were saying stay home unless you absolutely had to go somewhere. Ben went in to work for just a little bit since we only live a couple miles away but he didn't stay long, the place was empty. I took pictures while Ben was out shoveling and the kids were playing. The thing to remember is that I took these pictures in the morning and it snow hard all day long!!

It has slowed down quite a bit now but it is still snowing a little bit. They say that we are going to have a break but then on Sunday we are supposed to be hit with another storm. We'll see what that brings our way. Hopefully the break will give everyone to catch up before it hits again.
I'm just trying to stay dry and warm in my house while my kids want to play out in the fluffy white all day.
Becky and her family are heading up here tomorrow so please pray that they make it safely. My kids can't wait to play with their cousins!! It's all they can't talk about so I hope they bring there snow cloths with them...