Monday, June 8, 2009

Really?? Was it 2 years ago....

....that this little princess came into our lives??

How can it be that today, June 8th, she is this beautiful little 2 year old girl?
It blows my mind that my BABY, my very last baby is 2 years old already. I have tried so hard to enjoy every moment of her "firsts" because they are my last "firsts". I am having so much fun with her and I love the stage that she is in but also a little sad too. Today she totally understands that it is her special day. She got the super cute red outfit with purse and all from Nana Sheets and she had to wear it right away. Both sets of grandparents will be her to help us celebrate. I will post party pics later. Here's a few more of her posing for the camera.