Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Boys...Dennis the Menace(s)???

Luke was the first to notice that Mr. Wilson (aka Mr. Mike, our neighbor) was home today working in his garage. I don't think 5 minutes went by between "can I got see Mr. Mike?", "Can I go out now?", "I won't bug Mr. Mike.", and on and on it went. Finally after lunch I told him and Jacob that they could go out but under strict orders not to get in the way. Pretty soon I see that they are over there "watching". I had to make sure that they weren't in the way and decided that I should catch the moment on camera. Hopefully he will send them home if they are bugging him but I can't help but think that my boys are going to be known around our neighborhood as the Dennis the Menaces!!


The Jernigan Family said...

Oh but how cute! Sounds like you guys have great neighbors!! I can't believe how big they are getting...where does the time go? So I am probably going to start emailing you with parenting advice and mommy tips real soon so if you have any good ones send them my way!

Love ya

Katy said...

How cute. I think I have a Dennis the Menace here too, just no Mr. Wilson for a neighbor! LOL

Anonymous said...

Jacob and Luke could never be menaces. They're too good! Sure wish I hadn't missed your Omak visit. I hear Sarah is walking all over now. How about another video? Grandma

Barnhart Boogy said...

Your kids are growing so fast!! Avery is growing TOO fast as far as I'm concerned! I'm glad I joined the bloggers too. It's fun keeping up with all the kids in the family!