Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I love having a girl!!!

I have been waiting for a long time, since she was born actually, to be able to put pig tails on this girl. I knew the time was getting close and then today I DID IT!! Doesn't she just look so cute and girly?? (this is where you say "yes she does!!") I'm afraid this little sister won't go many days without having her hair "fixed" in some way or another. That's what she get for having three older brothers!! :) Okay that's enough of me talking about my baby girl for now. Have a great day!!

By the way, have you all stopped by to see Becky to see if she's having Monster Truck or Cutie Pie? It's pretty exciting!!


Katy said...

That is just so cute. I remember anxiously awaiting the same thing for Gracie. Unfortunatley she was almost two before I could get anything on her bald little head! Did she cooperate? Gracie has never and still gets mad when I do her hair, and i'm like you there is hardly a day goes by that I don't make her sit and let me do her hair. She is really into doing it herself now, which is fine if we aren't going anywhere! :)

Kinslee said...

She is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe someday I will have little pigtails in my house.

Em said...

AWE! so cute. She's got so much more hair then Avery. Can't wait till I can finally put the pigtails on the top of her haid haha. For now I just have to settle for the mullet piggies!

Daiquiri said...

What a little sweetie! So cute...I love the pigtail thing too. I'm still doing "piggies" around here - put them in Clara's hair for picture day this year.

One of my favorite girly things to do with my girls is to use ribbon. I found some super cheap ribbon at a craft store, and I just tie a little piece around their pigtail...girls are fun :) And yours, my friend, is espcecially cute!