Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kids, kids and more kids!!!

This weekend was the men's retreat for the guys at our church. Ben went along with close to 20 other guys. They just stayed one night and are due back this evening sometime. Yesterday morning my friend called me and asked if maybe I wanted to get together with her and her kids and one other friend and her kids. So we got pizzas, ice cream and brownies and a movie. The crazy part? There were 11 kids and 3 adults!! I guess you could say us moms were out numbered. Oh yeah, and one of the moms is also pregnant so #12 is on the way. It was so fun and our kids had a blast plus, it made our night without the men go by fast. All the kids get along really good and the older two girls were a big help. Here are some pictures of them watching the new Veggie Tales movie -- The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. The kids LOVED the movie. I can't say that I watched it much, I was too busy eating brownies, drinking coffee and visiting with my friends, but the kids really enjoyed it.

This first picture is of the whole group. The four girls (not including Sarah) and the boy in the green shirt all belong to Mara, the boy in the black shirt by Jacob and the boy with the blue sleeved shirt belong to Cerissa and then of course there's my four.
Here's Zachary sitting with Kyra. He loves that girl!! She's such a good sport. She is the oldest of them all and plays so well with them and even helps with diapers and cleaning up. Thanks Kyra, you're awesome!!
This little boy is Chance. He was so into the movie at first, if you can't tell from the picture.
Here's Ayla, Luke and Emilyn laying on there tummies. They are also very intent....
It looks like Logan is really enjoying it here. I'm not sure what was going on but look at that smile.
Marly in this one decided that she would look at the camera. I didn't get a very big smile but I got a little one. In all fairness they spent all morning taking pictures, so here cheeks were probably sore form all the smiling that she had to do then.
I love this picture of Thad, Ayla and Luke. Notice Ayla's hair? She made it all day with the hair in pig tails and then pulled them out just in time for the picture.
So, Thad and Sarah are funny. I think that Sarah scares Thad 'cause she's always chasing him around our house. Uh Oh for me huh? Don't you think they look so cute together though?
I couldn't resist this one....she was saying her famous "cheeeeeese".
So that was our fun exciting pizza/movie night.
**If anyone wants an update on Dash...he is doing so much better. Yesterday at about 4:00 he totally perked up and seems to be in pretty good spirits this morning too. Now the problem is going to be keeping him calm enough to heal right.


Anonymous said...

Great posts Ang! Loved them all. You are making great memories for your family.

Love you,

Katy said...

Sounds like fun! We did that last night too! Mike was going to be gone for the evening so we had some friends over and watched Halloween movies and ate ice cream! : ) Fun times!

Grandma said...

You are a BRAVE girl!