Thursday, January 20, 2011

Three in school!!

Today I have thought a lot about how I am going to be jumping back into the blog world and I'm afraid that I have had no bright ideas. One of my good friends said that I shouldn't try to "get caught up" but just start from here. That's what I will probably be doing and I'm sure there will be a lot of jumping around. For tonight though I am going back several months to a day that my life got way quieter for a good part of the day. This was taken on the boys' first day of school. Jacob is in 3rd grade this year, Luke in 1st and Zachary in Kindergarten. Jacob is having a very good year so far. He loves his teacher and I am so happy about that. Luke LOVES being in school all day. He adjusted to full time so well and loves all the recess. Zac is going 1/2 days, in the afternoons and is always so happy to get on the bus and see all of his friends.

I also figured that I should add a picture of Sarah to this post as well. This was taken over the 4th of July so it's a few months old. She's changed a lot since then and grown up quite a bit. I think that she is enjoying her time alone in the afternoon. Sometimes we go shopping, sometimes we go to lunch with Daddy, sometimes we go work in the boys' classrooms but most of the time we just come home and she has the whole house and ALL of the toys to herself, not to mention she can watch Princesses or Tinkerbell instead of Starwars or Transformers.

Some of my up and coming blogs will be Christmas, Luke's 7th birthday, our new found (or returning) love of skiing/snowboarding and many more.....stick with me friends.

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dougnsandy said...

Yay Ang! This will give me something to look forward to every morning (not that you have to post EVERY day, I will be happy to read a post more than one time -- and I will never grow tired of looking at the pictures again and again!) Love you all! Mom