Monday, January 24, 2011

The ant farm

I'm not sure if you know this or not but Zachary is my "bug" guy. In the summer time he is always outside looking for ants, caterpillars, rolly polly bugs and whatever else he can fine that crawls. Last year for his birthday we got him a bug carnival thing and he had so much fun finding different things to put in it and watch them crawl around. Well, for Christmas he got an ant farm from Grandma and Grandpa. Once we got home daddy helped him get it all put together. We had to send away for the ants and Zac is still patiently waiting for them to arrive. I hope that they come soon. He has the empty ant farm all set up and ready for the ants to arrive. Here a just a couple of pictures that I took while Daddy was helping him get it all ready.

I will post pictures when they actually come. Maybe I will even take a video of Zac puting them in the new home...if I remember!

I know that I haven't done any of the blog that I said were up and coming but I will. They are going to be just a bit bigger so they will take me a bit longer to put together.

Have a great Monday!


Josh R said...

I saw this:,0,4629044.story

And remembered this post

Sally Jo said...

I'm glad you are having fun with the ant farm Zac! I love your new "summer" picture by the way. It really brings back the memories. I hope we can go somewhere again this summer.