Friday, November 7, 2008

Guitar Hero

I figured I should put some pictures of us playing the new loved game. On Sunday after we got home from church we played some with the kids. There is a super easy beginner level that all the boys can actually play. Look how focused Jacob is....he gets pretty into it.
I have to say that Luke gets into it too. I was watching him play and when he didn't have anything to do he would dance and smile then when he had some stuff to play he would get real serious and frown.
Here's one of Luke and Ben playing together. Luke's trying to get the "star power" that's why he's holding his guitar like that.
Look's a rock star!! Ben's always saying that his lips hurt when he plays the game...look at what he's doing with his mouth in this picture. No wonder they hurt. I am pretending that I'm the real rock star!!


Grandma said...

Tell Jacob he looks pretty cool in that tie! Grandma

The Jernigan Family said...

I agree, I dig the tie, reminds me of the guy from ACDC! You guys have a lot of guitars! Whenever I play that game I always get dry eyes because I never blink, because I don't want to miss a note. I always end up picking the slowest songs so I can blink a few times. Say Hi to everyone! Can't remember if I told you guys that Andy Holman is having a baby in April. That will make 2 Holman great grand kids, to Aunt Marlene's soon to be 24? It is crazy when you think that my grandma and Aunt Marlene had the same amount of kids (3) and that the number is so different. We were just slow out of the gate! Rock On!