Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ben's Birthday Dinner

Ben's birthday was on Monday night. Even though we had the party for him on Saturday night we still went out to dinner on Monday. We decided to take the whole family....a little risky sometimes but we thought we would try. Ben knew we were going out and he chose Red Lobster but what he didn't know was that the kids and I got all dressed up to go out. The boys LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to wear their ties and get all dressed nice and looking handsome. Our kids did great at dinner. People were looking at us, smiling and we even had a lady come up and say we had "lovely children". My heart just swells with pride when people complement my kids. I thought this video was pretty cute, the kids really enjoy singing "Happy Birthday". This is also the only picture that I got of Sarah...I know, I know, pretty lame but at least she's in the video.


The boys got the pet a real live lobster....that was pretty cool. In this picture you can see Zac feeding it a piece of candy. Go figure, it would be him to do that.

Well that was our fun evening. I think that we will have to find more reasons to "dress up", I think that's why the kids were so well behaved :)


Anonymous said...

I'm teary....I love how you make family memories - how special you make things for your kids. I loved seeing Ben hug and love on his kids -- and could only imagine how blessed he must feel to have 4 children adore him so. I am very thankful for the loving, committed, and doting father my grandchildren have. And I am blessed to see that my daughter is the mother and wife I prayed she would become....

I miss you all!
Love, Mom

Kimberly said...

Hmm, nobody could top what your mom just wrote. I just wanted to say how pretty YOU looked, Ang.

Katie said...

awwwee! That was so stinking cute! And the best rendition of Happy Birthday ever!

Katy said...

That is so awsome! Happy Birthday Ben! Taking four kids out is never an easy feat is it! But when it goes well, I agree it sure makes you proud of your kids!

Anonymous said...

i loved hearing them sing! how precious!