Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ben's 30th birthday party ROCKED!!!

This year Ben and I both turned 30, well actually Ben's birthday is tomorrow but by the time most of you read this he will be 30. I don't remember how much I told you about the party that he threw for me. It was a well pulled off surprise party. I am a pretty hard person to surprise because I'm pretty nosey. He did a great job at it. Well, I kind-of felt like I had something to live up to since his big 3-0 was this year too. I really had a tough time trying to figure out what would be fun for a guy and all his friends. A few days ago I mentioned our new addiction here and here. So I figured what better thing to do for his party but to have a "Guitar Hero World Tour Rock Concert" party. It turned out to be an awesome party!! We have 2 guitars, a mic and a drum set so 4 people could play all at the same time. We also had the party at our church which used to be a movie cinema with a big screen. It was so much fun. We played for 5 hours!! Needless to say my feet hurt and my fingers hurt and my voice was sore. I think Ben had fun too. Here's some pictures so you can see all the fun!!!
Wal-Mart bakery pulled out the best right here. I told her what I was doing for the party and she said "well the only thing that I can really do it make a cupcake cake shaped like a guitar", "Um, I think that will do just fine, Thanks!!"
Oh yes, I did make him wear a 30 button that had flashing lights and everything. He was such a good sport.
OK, these next few pictures are kind of hard to see some. A few of them are dark but it was best I could do in the Concert Hall!! But look at this first picture below.....see the big screen.

Here's the crowd....watching in awe :)

Well, that sort of sums up the evening. It was a great party and I think that Ben really enjoyed it and I had a great time too!


Daniel and Cerissa said...

Yeah! We had fun :)
Happy Birthday to Ben!
Unfortunately, I think "Spiderwebs" will be stuck in my head for yet a for more days to come...

Mom said...

You rock Angie! He won't forget that for awhile. At least until he reaches 40. Thank-you for taking such good care of my kid. Love, Mom