Friday, March 21, 2008

So much for Spring

So yesterday was the first day of spring right? Daiquiri posted some beautiful pictures yesterday of spring flowers. It got my hopes up thinking that maybe we were going to be seeing that soon. Well, this is what I get for thinking.....I woke up this morning to this junk.....

I am so ready for some nice weather. I know snow is really pretty but not today!! I don't ever remember having snow on Easter. I'm sure it's happened but I don't remember it. How are my kids supposed to hunt eggs in the snow? They will stick out like sore thumbs against the white ground. Maybe it will warm up tomorrow and melt. I'm sorry for complaining so much....I should be thankful that I don't have to be out in it and I can just sit in my house and drink my coffee (that I love so much out of my Starbucks mugs that I am so addicted to!!).

I hope that you all have a wonderful day today!! Maybe those of you who have nice weather can soak up a little extra sun for me? Thanks!!


Kimberly S said...

I'm so sorry! It does look pretty, but that's only because I'm not in it, I'd be crying if I were there. I'm trying to mentally send some sun your way--it's pretty warm here right now.

Is there any way you could do the egg hunt indoors? I know it's not the same, since the whole spring-time sunshine thing is a big part of the egg hunt, but at least there'd be the fun of actually finding eggs. And the kids wouldn't be cold with freezing fingers the whole time.

Daiquiri said...

Snow on Easter...oh sorry! I have an idea...move to this really great place called Boise, Idaho ;)

Enjoy your company?

I hope you had a nice Easter despite the snow.


BTW, thanks for the link!