Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sleepy boy...again!!

This boy is so stubborn!! He refused to fall asleep and take a nap this afternoon. He stayed in his room for an hour, he came out a couple of time, got in trouble and went back in. Eventually I realized that he wasn't actually going to sleep so I finally went in and told him he could get up. Well, about 2 hours past his nap he goes up to the TV and turns on a cartoon, I was doing some dishes so I let him watch it until I was done in the kitchen. Less then 15 min later I go down there and he's asleep on the couch. I go up to the kitchen and finish cleaning it then I decide to check on him again and he's on the floor!! I don't know if he fell off, rolled off or just moved off but either way I thought it was funny. You must all think that this boy doesn't get enough sleep as much as he falls asleep in random places!! He goes to bed by 8 every night (or close to it) but he gets up pretty early most mornings. Like this morning was 6:15, that's pretty normal. So if he doesn't get a nap he's usually really tired by bed time. I guess he didn't make it that far today :)


Anonymous said...

Again, (you are probably tired of hearing this,) but. . .so much like his dad! We used to find Ben under the table, on the floor, anywhere he ran out of gas. One minute he would be eating and the next second, he would be asleep in his food. He could go from a full run to fast asleep in 3.2 seconds. Well, maybe a little exageration. Love, Grandma

Kimberly S said...

Sweet kid! I talked with a friend tonight who said she always made her kids have a rest time--they could read, sleep, or stare at the ceiling, but they had to stay in their room and be quiet until the timer went off; I'm considering that, especially if Andrew is done with naps. The hard part would be making Gabrielle do it when she's been done with naps for a year. (This was a homeschooling mom--she said by the time rest time came, she really needed it.)

Becky said...

I know you probably ARE tired of us saying this all the time, but these COULD be pictures of Ben at that age. I'm sure Mom has some pictures somewhere of Ben asleep in weird places and I bet we'd have a hard time telling which ones are Zac and which ones are Ben.

They look so much alike! And their personalities are so much alike, too. I think that's why I have such a soft spot for Zac....he reminds me so much of my baby brother.

: ) Becky

Crystal said...

HAHA! How funny! This reminds me of a time when my Dad lost AJ! He was about 3 and it was dinner time- my dad told me to, Go get my brother," and I could not find him! My dad and I searched the house everywhere only to find AJ asleep in the downstairs closet with the door shut! My dad took his camera and snapped a picture of it, we still have it today. It was exceptionally funny because the closet was barely bigger than he!