Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Thanks Grandma!!"

I got my new cloths Grandma!! Thank you!! They fit me with a little room to grow, which I will be doing lots of that growing stuff. I love you!!
Love, Sarah


Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah, you are soooooo cute. Love Grrrrrrrrrandma!

Daiquiri said...

You have a cutie too! Just think, if our little ones match up some day...what amazingly cute grandkids we'd have! I don't know if you'd like that very much though, since they'd be living in Boise...right across the street...from ME!

I DID get my Kitchenaid for Christmas this year. It's getting a little to spooky around here. I don't know if I can keep talking to you!?!

Just kidding, of course ;)


Anonymous said...

She's a cutie!