Friday, January 18, 2008

Luke Turns 4!!!!

Now that I'm caught up on Christmas pictures I can finally post other stuff :)

Luke's birthday was on the 26th (yes the day after Christmas). It's hard to believe that he's already 4 and then it's also hard to believe that he's only 4. I know that sounds weird but he seems so much older to us. He does everything that his, almost 6 year old, brother does. He's such a big boy!!! We've tried really hard to make it a special day, a separate day. In some ways it's better then having a birthday at a different time of year because there's always family around. Karissa and Amy (his cousins) have been at all of his birthday parties and nobody else gets that. I'm sure that someday he'll want to have a party with his friends but for now this works out great.

This year we went bumper bowling, then to pizza and then to Papa and Mamaw's for ice cream cake and PRESENTS!!! Like he needed more after Christmas.....but this was his day and he knew it. If you can't tell by this first picture, he loves the attention....

I was sure that it was Luke's birthday but I guess Spiderman decided to show up instead :)

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