Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Christmas Eve....

Finally some Christmas pictures....

I grew up with a really fun tradition. Every Christmas Eve my brother and I would get to open one present to each of us and one to both of us from our mom and dad. It was ALWAYS pajamas and a game. We would put our new jammies on and then play our new game before we went to bed. I loved it growing up so we decided to start that with our family. Our kids haven't caught on yet but I know the day will come when they say "I wonder what our pj's are like this year" or "I wonder what game we get this year".
We got them the Perfection game. It's a lot of fun!!!
Here they are in their new jammies. Funny story....Sarah only wore hers for about 20 min that night. Those of you who have or have had babies understand the term "blow-out". Needless to say she didn't get to wear them to bed on Christmas Eve but at least I got pictures of them. And I must say they were all almost looking at the camera.

I even got a pair this year too!!!

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