Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another Blog Carnival....Am I crazy??

My sister-in-law Becky is doing another blog carnival this week. I have to say that I need this one in a bad way. We just have to pick a project to work on this next week that we've been putting off. I have many, many places that I could use this but the obvious one this time is......packing.

Yes, we are moving (for those of you who didn't know)!! The less the two weeks! The second kicker....with 4 kids, 6 and under!!

So, my project will be to pack as many boxes as I can or maybe how many rooms I can pack up in a week. I just found out the Ben has to go out of town on a work trip on Sunday so we really, really need to get as much done as we can before he goes out of town.

Please help me bloggy friends!! Maybe you have moving advice for me, the one with three active boys and a little girl who is enjoying the fact that she can walk and pull stuff out of drawers and cupboards, or maybe you can just cheer me on as I tackle this huge mountain that I feel I'm climbing.

Well, with that all said....Off to pack I go!!!!! Then when I win the Starbucks card that she's giving away I will have a coffee (on her) after I move to celebrate. Thanks in advance Becky....I love you!!

Don't forget to stop by and see Becky and join in on the fun or just to cheer us all on. Oh and check back in a week to see how I did!!


Alyce said...

Hi Angie!
Thanks for commenting on my blog..I love to get comments! is my tip for you...
When you pack..pack by rooms. So everything from one room is in one box (or however many you need to use) then label the boxes by rooms.. For example, your living room boxes have those items in the box, then just lable the box Living Room. That way everything is all together and you aren't hunting down missing items.
Good luck..and where are you moving to??

Becky said...

Go Angie Go!!!!

You are a good sport to play along during your move. Maybe it will make your packing more fun. : )

I can't wait to come visit your new house.


Anonymous said...

Ok my advice is this:

Always know where your tools are and have them handy because you always need them at the end of packing and the beginning of unpacking and moving. When you get to the stage where you are taking things apart, get plastic ziploc bags and put all pieces to things in individual bags and label them and then keep them with your tools. Then as you got to re-assemble things you dont need to remember where you packed those particular screws for that thing and plus you wont lose pieces!

Good luck and I will call you later.


Katie said...


I just dig into a big box a month ago labeled fragile...wanna know what was inside? 5 Christmas tins...yes, gotta love the labeling Jason did :)

I agree, pack room by room, and don't bother cleaning up anything until it's all out of the house.

Anyway, good luck on the move! I hope all goes smoothly

The Jernigan Family said...

Go Angie. I was 8 months pregnant when we moved, but I labeled the outside of the boxes and color coded by which room the box needed to end up in and in what location (by the closet etc.) I even drew a diagram of the house and laid out how the furniture was suppose to be laid out in each room, so all the people helping had a clear understanding and would just refer to the chart so there weren't any questions. LOL I was 8 months pregnant so I just sat in my chair and gave orders (It was the perfect time to move)
Where are you guys moving too? I'd love to see pictures and learn more about the new house! But my best advice, always have your sharpie out and ready!

Alyce said...

hey's the packing coming along?

Katy said...

I feel for you, that is probably the last thing on earth I ever want to do again! Going through labor seems easier! Okay not to get you down? I think one of the things that made it easier to unpack was to declutter. When I was packing I decided I wasn't moving anything into my new house that I would put in a box and never get out. So make good use of the good will or however you want to get rid of stuff, but I tell you it sure makes unpacking a lot easier. I also labeled everything! Good luck, I hope you win that starbucks card!

Ali said...

Well when we moved I only had one child, and he was a perfect angel, so I don't have any advice as far as that aspect goes. But I do want you to know that I'll pray for you to get as much done as you can and that everything will run smoothly. Good luck!

Em said...

I have no advice. Not that I have not moved, I've moved a million times, but they were all before I was married and had a kid so there was a minimal amount of stuff. Good luck!