Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jacob's music program...

I realized today that I have done a blog post on all of the kids in the last couple of weeks except for Jacob. So I decided to fix that. As I was looking back at some pictures from last year I found these from December when Jacob has his 3rd grade music program. All of the 3rd grade kids performed for family and friends. Some even got to play instruments....including Jacob!! I think he was most excited to wear his tie :)

Here he is getting ready to play the bar instrument. He did a fantastic job!!
At the end of the night he wanted to take a picture with his teacher. He is having a great year so far and this program was right up his ally....he loves to perform!


dougnsandy said...

I love this one too! Can't get enough of the pictures and posts. Thanks Ang for sharing.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

That's one great kid! After more than 35 years of working with kids, I know the great ones when I see them! You have only seen the tip of the iceberg regarding what he'll accomplish. Just stand back and watch! Grandpa!

sarah said...

I was catching up on your blog, can I just say you have the cutiest kids ever! and Sarah's curls..precious!! so fun!

Sally Jo said...

Just the beginning. This kid has talent! Grandma

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