Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our wrestling boys

I guess this is about 3 weeks late but I am finally blogging about the Jacob and Luke and their wrestling experience. This has been a crazy month and we have one more weekend but it has been so worth it. To be honest, Ben and I didn’t really know how fun this sport would be for us. We have been so surprised and are LOVING it. It has been so fun to watch both of the boys find their competitive side. We took so many pictures and these are just a few. It’s a bit hard to take pictures and video at the same time that you are losing your voice for yelling so much!

IMG_8850 IMG_8856 IMG_8862 IMG_8879 IMG_8905 IMG_8916 IMG_8962

Here's a couple of videos. This was the very first weekend and it was just a take-down tournament. They would take their opponent down, get up and then do it again. My hope is to take some video this up coming weekend so we can see the improvement. They really have learned a ton in just a few short weeks.




The Jernigan Family said...

Lol...I love the commentary and how the boys look up at you guys everytime they take them down...I feel bad for the boy Jacob was wrestling...he should have just laid down, it looked like he did a couple of fun!

Heidi said...

Those were some cool videos to watch! Wish we could watch one in person! Hey, where are those boys' cool wrestling shoes?

Crystal said...

oh my gosh! Jake killed that kid! It was great!!!! Yeah team Abshire!! I loved the videos, thanks so much for posting them!

Katy said...

I have to say Angie that I am so impressed that you guys toughed it out! Those tournaments were just to much for us. I think once Eli is a year older or two it won't be so hard to have all the kids there all day! Did you do a lot of traveling? We had three within an hour from home and the other three were just to far away. Cole had fun though! Looks like your boys are loving it too! They can give eachother tips during the family reunion! LOL Should be fun! Hope you make it!

Sally Jo said...

They are great! Grandma