Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Zac the Big Boy!!

Zac, my 3 year old, seems to be growing up overnight to me. It all started about a month ago when he decided he was ready to wear underwear. We are officially down to one kid is diapers, it's been almost 5 years with 2 in diapers!! I have to say that it's really nice and I know our budget will enjoy it too.

So, Zac is usually the first one up. I think he knows that if get up before his brothers and sister he gets to climb up in bed and snuggle a little with mom and dad. Can't say that we really enjoy being awoke to the little, sweet hands of our third son....POUNDING ON OUR BED!!! but he's sweet and he just has to smile at us to forget that we were just sound asleep. The last 2 mornings he's wanted to take a shower when his dad does. Of course I let him because then I don't have to give him a bath later and it a lot easier then filling up the bath tub, kneeling down to wash his hair, etc..... So that also makes him seem a little older, and then to top it all off he's enjoying dressing himself these days.

This is what he chose for today.....it's pushing 90 degrees this afternoon and it took awhile for me get him to change his shirt at least. Isn't he a handsome boy??


Ali said...

Man, that kid is CUTE!

Zac and my Coop sound a lot alike! He is absolutely the one who can make me the maddest and laugh the hardest all in about a ten minute time span!

Just thought I'd stop in and say hello! Take care, Angie!

Kimberly said...

He does look very sharp there. I was so sad when you first cut off his mop of curls, but he looks handsome there with his short haircut--somehow more grown up.

Grandma said...

Zac--what an independant little character! For a third child he sure knows how to steal the show. Love, Grandma