Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jacob's 7th Birthday....really??

How is it possible that this baby....
could turn into this kid over night? I mean really, shouldn't it have taken at least, I don't know, like 7 years or something?
Yes it's true, Jacob turned 7 years old on Wednesday. He was so excited when he went to bed the night before. He could barely fall asleep. We started the day off with a pancake, bacon and eggs breakfast. I made Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny pancakes (the kids' favorite). After that Jacob had to go to school. His teacher does this V.I.P. week with each kid and she tries to make it the week of their birthday. So, this week has been great for Jake! He's been the "special" kid all week long and was able to take pictures, take something to show and tell, read a favorite book aloud to the class and last but not least.....EAT CUPCAKES!!! (those pictures will be in another post).

We had a special birthday dinner that Jake got to pick. When I asked him what it was that he wanted me to make for dinner he had to explain it to me but I finally figured out that he wanted Tater Tot Casserole. It was nice for me because it's a super easy dinner and we had 5 extra people here. It was a great night of good food, presents and great friends. Here's few pictures of the evening.

Here's a picture of my cake decorating attempt. It sure tasted good! Jacob is going to have his first real "friend" party on Saturday and I am going to buy a decorated cake for that one :)


Daniel and Cerissa said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!!!

He is such a sweet boy... good job Mom!

By the way, I can not get over how much Jude looks like your boys. Totally like that picture of Jake, then also a lot like the picture of Luke a couple months ago! Crazy!

Grandma said...

Happy Birthday Jake! My very first grandson ever. You are so special to me. That smile lights up a room! I wish the whole world was as happy in their hearts as you are. I love you, Grandma