Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well, once again I've disappeared for a whole month without realizing it. Our life has been crazy busy so I will try my best to catch you all up on the Abshire's happenings.....

Jacob is a little over half way through his basketball season. He is still having a great time and believe it or not we are seeing improvement. He's been playing GREAT defense the last couple of weeks. I actually think that the kid he was blocking last game was getting a little ticked off because Jake wouldn't let him by. It was pretty awesome. We are very proud of him and it's going to be sad when the season ends. Baseball is next though and this year we will have two boys playing.

Luke is so excited to start playing baseball. He's been talking about it pretty much non-stop since the snow started melting. We are hoping that we can get him and Jacob on the same team this year but it may be a little tricky. He had a 5 year well check this week and got up to date on all of his immunizations for school. That is the other hot topic....kindergarten!! He says that he's ready to go now. I think I can wait a little bit to send my little helper away to school.

Zac is changing so much right now. I think that he's in that stage of going from a toddler to a little boy. His new thing in the last month or so is that he is TOTALLY out of diapers and pull ups. We've been done with diapers for awhile but he sleeps through the night now. Can you believe it?! I only have one kid in diapers!! YAY for Zac Man!

Sarah is starting to get quite a "goofyness" about her these days. She loves to play around with her brothers and tries really hard to keep up with them. She is finally getting some more teeth, she went about 7 months with just 8 teeth and in the last month or so has finally cut her molars. All of my kids have been late in getting their teeth. The other thing that she is attempting is going potty on the toilet. She has gone several times and wants to go all the time. We'll see how long it takes her. I'll keep you updated on that.

So that's about it with the kids. Other things have been going on too....Ben's work has been really busy, we've had some really big and exciting changes at our church, some of our great friends are moving up here from AZ. and right now our family is battling the flu. Hopefully that will pass soon.

I have a few random pictures to share just so you have something fun to look at instead of just reading my boring post. I don't think that I will be making any more promises about being a better blogger but I will try my hardest! Thanks for sticking with me.... :)

I forgot, one more thing. I wanted to share something from one of my friends blogs this morning. I don't get political but I read this post and thought it worthy of sharing. Just in case you don't all know what our new president is probably about to should go check it out.


Daiquiri said...

Hey Angie - Thanks for linking on the CRC article. Scary, huh?!

I appreciated all the photos you put up - the one in the tub really hit home...looks like our tub (you know, the one we routinely pile 2-4 kids in) :)

Have a great day.


Mom said...

Hey Ang--welcome back. Once a month is better than nothing. We all realize that you are busy moms that can't just sit on the computer all day, as much as we would all like to. Thanks for the update. Sally